Best Free SVG Icons Templates Download

Best Free SVG Icons Templates Download

SVG is a vector graphics XML format that can be defined by typing text into a SVG document. Generally, SVG allows us to manage your HTML vector graphics. You can use SVG as images by leaving the SVG format in the HTML document or directly entering SVG code into your html document.

Vector graphics means that it can be easily scaled, this is one of the main advantages of using SVG in your HTML and a single size for everyone. This kind of behavior is really beneficial for high resolution displays that we create crystal clear images for our website.

Most modern browsers can turn SVG into a very safe alternative to bitmap images. Browser support is very important when we use a new technology, so it seems that SVG has a great time to come.

Another important advantage of SVG is that it can be controlled easily by CSS such as hover antiatoms, size. SVG is a very friendly print as it’s a vector graphic.

In this post you can see a good list of Free SVG icons, there are few advantages to using SVG icons instead of Bitmap or Font on your website. Bitmap images can be blurred in high – resolution screens such as retina displays, so that SVG is a solution to these problems. Of course, icon fonts are good in situations above that really affect your website’s speed. SVG icons are very lightweight, so that your browser will render faster.

Browse the free SVG Icons collection of blows that you can use for free. There are many icons, but we have chosen the best of them.

Monster Icons

Sunnycons by Persuaid

Free Business and Marketing icons

100 Office Icons



Minimal Line Icons Pack 2

Birply Icons

Valentine’s Day Icons

70 Basic Icons

Windows 10 Icon Set


350+ Free Valentine’s Day Icons

Weather Icon Set

Landmark Icon Set

Users Insights Free Icon Pack

Basic UI Icons

Facebook Emoji Freebie

Medical/Healthcare Icons

Vector Devices #2

Free icon set #9

Appliances Icons


Vio Late

Sport Icons Freebie

Free Icon Set #5

Hand Gestures

Sai Icons
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